Best Cover Band to Have at Your Wedding

Music at weddings are always a hit and miss, so choosing a band for your wedding is always stressful. Does it even have to be a band? Many people are opting to hiring DJs nowadays when tying the knot. However, having a live band adds the entertainment value that makes weddings stand out. That being said, finding the right band depends largely on your music taste. Cover bands are always a safe bet, as you can choose your favorite artist (or artists) and have the cover band play your favorite songs. Here’s a list of four coverband selections that will make your special day one of love and dancing alike!

bandCover Band: The Beach Boys

With their unique style, The Beach Boys revolutionized music in their time, and are known as one of the great American bands. They formed in California but spread their music to the whole world, catering to the new generations and the original listeners alike. Their music is based on vocal-jazz influences and 50s rock and roll. Besides, they have released so many albums over their 50 year career that you find everything- from romantic ballads to frantic rocks, so they fits all types of celebration.

band 2‘70s Funk

Funk music is loaded with feeling and emotion, not to mention danceable rhythms and tunes. A mixture of soul, jazz and blues, funk songs are used to express feelings of love and gratitude- perfectly themed for a wedding. Once the ceremony is over, the funky music will take over bodies and souls, causing your guests to rush to the dancefloor. There are numerous sub genres of funk, and all of them bring something different to the table. Listen to a few tracks and pick out the classics that best describe the tone you want to set.

band 3The Beatles

Yes, the four kids from Liverpool that became rock’s most iconic act, should be on the short list of all wedding songs. Their style flowed from pop to hard rock and even into psychedelic. They are most known for their love songs, but had a repertoire of endless sounds. Plus, if you get a Beatles cover band, you can request they wear the suits and get the haircuts to match.

Michael Buble

Michael Buble is famed for his emotional love songs and smooth tunes. A great option if you want live music- without the ruckus that is. Sweet melodies and soft sounds will fill the atmosphere with a Michael Buble cover band (or impersonator?).

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