Top Trending Foods in 2016

Food is becoming much like fashion as certain ingredients and cooking styles become more popular and others fade away. Now that we are well past the half mark for 2016, we know what foods are trending and which begin to fade away. New cooking styles are being mixed with ancient, forgotten ingredients. This is revolutionizing the way meals are being cooked and served. Staying up to date and knowing what to expect when you want into a restaurant can only help you out. Therefore, we bring you the top 5 trending foods in 2016.

trending foodsTrending Foods: Veggie Attack

Vegetables never really died out, but with so many new styles and ingredients emerging as trending foods, most people put the greens on the back burner. However, as soon as 2016 kicked off vegetable dishes came into the picture. Serving vegetable based meals (which includes raw veggies too) is now a huge industry. Restaurants and smaller eating establishments are now focusing on veggie meals now than ever. Some even consider it a niche, dedicating their entire menus to vegetarian and vegan meals.

Seaweed Feeds

Yes, the first three top trending foods are all veggie-inclined. Seaweeds were not very popular in western culture in the early 2000s. Now, it’s becoming one of the most sought ingredients in restaurants across the world. Packed with nutrients, and considered a “super food”, seaweed offers a great option even if you don’t like the taste. It’ so versatile, you can lose the flavour in many dishes while keeping the nutrients. Great news for healthy-eating advocates.

trending foodsVegan Seconds

The vegan movement is not as old as the veggie train, but it’s definitely coming in as a strong second. Certain areas of the world, like Southeast Asia, are becoming vegan meccas as their cooking rarely includes animal-based products. The key difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegans don’t consume animal products. There are several reasons vegans don’t eat animal products, and it’s becoming more and more frequent in bigger cities like London.

Soup Galore

Soup has always been a popular starter, but now it’s taking the main course spot more than ever before. With a variety of new tools to liquify more ingredients, soups are now available in all sizes, tastes and colors. 2016 seems to be the soup’s year, as fusion cuisine and other specialty restaurants are now offering soups with any ingredient you like.

trending foodsLast Bit of Mediterranean

The mediterranean diet took the spotlight in the mid 1990s because of it’s healthy meal preparation. It’s still very popular, especially in Europe and the United States, but it seems to be a trend that’s slowly dying off. Some mediterranean dishes will never fade- like hummus and falafels- but enjoy the rare dishes while you can.

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