Myths About Catering Events

Hosting an event it’s hard work and requires a lot of planning. Hiring a catering service provider is an awesome idea as it helps you organize your event and allows you to dedicate more time to other details. Choosing a caterer is not always easy, but there are always caterers that will help you host a perfect event.

There are many myths surrounding caterers, which may discourage people from using catering services. However, if you find a qualified and experienced caterer then there is no reason why you should not use their services. We compiled a list of myths and misconceptions below and shine a light on the truth, to put your mind at ease and help you make the right call and hire a professional caterer for your event.

Last-Minute Services

Professional Catering Services

Professional Catering Services

Myth: caterers can work out any event, even if it’s last minute. The fact is that catering service providers need to be hired in advance to give you the best results. You also need to provide an approximate number of guests, dishes or style of food you want to have served and, if possible, a layout of the venue itself. However, remember you have to hire your caterer at least one week before your event. Anything less than that is a gamble.

Food Is All You Pay For

Myth: the food is all you pay for. Fact: quality caterers will provide meals along with serving staff, cutlery, plates, glasses, cooking utensils and even linen and seating (depending on what service you hire and what you need). So food is not the only thing you pay for as there is a lot of added value to the food itself. Bar services are usually charged separate as well.

Caterers Don’t Use Fresh Ingredients

Fresh Food Used by Caterers

Fresh Food Used by Caterers

Myth: caterers use frozen, mass produced materials. Fact: most caterers use ingredients and products from local providers, which means fresh meat, veggies, and ingredients. Most people also regard catered meal as bland, however, caterers usually offer a huge menu with varied flavours and provide very high-quality meals.

Setting Up A Catering Station Takes An Hour

Myth: caterers can set up in about an hour. Fact: setting up a catering station is hard work and usually takes more than 2 hours. It’s all about logistics: caterers need to know the layout and size of the venue. If caterers are not setup correctly it may cause major foot traffic and can cause discomfort for your guests. Always keep in mind catering setup and give your service provider enough time to set up efficiently.

Restaurant Dining And Catering Cost The Same Thing

Catering Set Up Table

Catering Set Up Table

Myth: hiring a caterer cost the same as going to a restaurant. Fact: catering services on average cost about two-thirds of restaurant meals. If you were to take all your guests out to a restaurant it would cost a lot more money, not to mention you would have to conform to that restaurant’s menu. Catering services are more affordable and more flexible than restaurant rentals.

Stay tuned for more information on catering services. If you need to hire professional catering services give us a call and our team of qualified experts will be more than happy to assist you today. Call us now!

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