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Modern Catering Trends - RX Catering Baltimore

Good food is certainly essential for the success of an event. Catering has typically been defined as the business of providing food service. But, for some time now, catering evolved from simply being a service of food and drink to start including other elements such as decoration, environment, staffing, and even animation. This is because the expectations of customers go beyond a full menu. Thus, modern catering offers an increasingly sophisticated experience and demands a higher level of creativity and originality in both its preparation and presentation. Cuisine based on sustainable agriculture vegetables organic farms of origin of cultivated without pesticides, preservatives or colorings.

In the following lines, a list of the modern catering trends will be discussed:

  1. Visual, olfactory and gustatory attraction. Food presentation is now more important than ever Catering services and certainly the pleasure of eating begins by seeing a nice, elegant, and well-presented dish.

  2. Portion sizes are now decreasing, modern catering opts for smaller meals that offer variety and allow diners to control portions. Smaller portions but higher quality food.

  3. Desserts have lost importance, they are smaller, lighter and often healthy using stevia or agave nectar as a sweetener. Catering companies have become more creative in presentation, using new containers as martini glasses, test tubes, and small spoons ready for a snack, etc.

  4. Organic and sustainable are on fashion in this industry, which in turn favors the budget. This is a synonym to healthier meals. People are more aware of the importance of a balanced diet and the catering logically have adapted to it. The new tendency is to use products without additives.

  5. Fast food is also a new trend. People now have less time and more agitated lives. Fast food is present in meetings but we mean high quality sandwiches and salads instead of the traditional two course menu which includes wine and dessert.

  6. New flavors are hunted. While demand for novelty means greater demand for new and exotic flavors, some professionals point out that the traditional flavors remain essential. Green tea leaves out this season opting for new ingredients for drinks such as lemon grass, wasabi, and ginger.

  7. Currently, more gluten-free menus are created, since there are many people who suffer from celiac disease. Vegan menus will also be key players in any event today, since the vegetarian community is growing more and more.

  8. Cooking events, where the kitchen is transformed into experience. Companies use cooking workshops to convey their messages and offer experiences.

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