How to Organize an Event

To organize a great event you have to act as a good manager and of course use the four managerial function guide: planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Have a Plan Ready

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Planning the event time to time with a schedule calculating the time duration in each step. Make a copy to each team member.

Think about the food and deserts, the drinks, the decoration, the music, the pictures and video as well as other details. If you can see it in your mind you can make it happen.

Organize All The Activities

Organize everything that you have planned for the party and create different levels to present the food in the main table using medium boxes to support the illusion. This effect adds more dimension to the table. Make a smaller desserts table, which should be located apart from the main food table. Remember to place the cake elevated in the middle. Leave the bar in a visible place. You better have a great catering company to be in charge of this, which can be the most challenging part of the party.

Tips for choosing your Catering Gastronomy

Organize every aspect of an event

To decorate use different sizes, colors and textures as well as designs in tablecloths, napkins and other fabrics. Play with the lighting, for that you might find helpful candles and candlesticks in different colors and sizes. Make flower decorations to be used as centerpiece of each table. Each one can be different from the other in shape and color, this would give a less monotonous impression.

Make a list of songs that should not be missed at the nightclub to ensure the enjoyment of the guests. Indicate the songs that will be leading the main activities such as meal time, time to cut the cake, etc.

Finally invest in a souvenir or any original idea to surprise your guests. Something like this will last in their memories and will make your pictures look amazing. Through your video you will be able to re-live the excitement and all the energy felt at the time of your surprise.

Leading People in Your Event

Now that everything is perfectly organized, you must designate one person for each main responsibility associated with the party and be a good . Connect with each one of them to make sure everything will flow.

Always designate a person to help with transportation and last minute shopping. In event that you need his/her help you must stay connected to specify and remind of what you need.

Control All The Workers Involved

chef-team2You need to make sure you have the power, that is the last role to consolidate a great party. Do not assume that everyone will do everything right without you even asking.

Moreover, it is critical to remember to preserve confidentiality at all times, every obstacle can be overpassed with a little prevention.

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