Halloween Party: 6 Great Tips

Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but hosting the perfect party takes dedication and time. There are dozens of holidays and themed celebrations each year, but Halloween is always among the most fun and unforgettable ones. A combination of dark, horror-film worthy makeup and candy seems to have a particularly good effect on friends and family. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 6 awesome tips to hold the best Halloween party on the block, and even in your whole town.

party-scheduleWork Your Schedule Around Your Favorite Guests

There’s a limited number of weekends in October, and although Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the last one, the whole month is worthy of a good costume party. That being said, not all your guests will be able to attend regardless of the date you choose. Ask your best friends, work colleagues and favorite family members when they can attend your party, and choose the day based on their availability. This will guarantee a fun halloween where you will get to see and spend time with your favorite persons!

Give Your Halloween Party a Catchy Name

Sending out an invite with a generic “Halloween Party” in front is as inviting as a grizzly bear. Give your party a catchy name and, for the creative minds, even a cool slogan. Sending out invitations with the title “150th Annual Ghoul Convention” will spice things up and encourage your guests to dress up for the occasion. That brings us to our next point…

party-timeRecommend Costumes, Rather Than Requiring Them

Yes, Halloween is all about costumes and creepy stuff, and we all want to see our favorite cousin dressed like Lurch or Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, but don’t make costumes mandatory. Hosta costume party and suggest everyone to dress to impress (or scare). Bullying everyone into wearing a costume will result in lower attendance numbers, so you want to make it clear that you would like them to wear something fun, without it being completely necessary.

Always be Open to BYO Guests

We all have that office friend or aunty who loves to bake ghost cookies every halloween. Well, we say the more, the merrier! Allow everyone to bring treats and contribute to create a fun atmosphere for everyone. Snacks, treats, candy, sweet, savory, whatever it is, make some space on the party table for everyone to feel like part of the celebration. Just keep an eye on that special punch your childhood best friends brought with them!

dreamstime_xs_34634746Play Old School Music

There is something about old school music that just gives everyone the creeps. Instead listening to Justin Whoever’s new hit single, play some of MJ’s hits like Thriller to get everyone on their feet and busting moves.

Hire Professional Catering

Halloween treats are all about the visuals as much as the taste, so if you don’t have time to cook up a creepy buffet, hire professional catering services to take care of the grub for you.

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