Is Catering Presentation More Important Than Taste?

Is Catering Presentation More Important Than Taste?

Although traditional cooking was viewed more like a core, modern food culture has turned it into an art form. Not only are cooking methods becoming more artistic, but now people are judging food based on the catering presentation. Chic restaurants around the world are now focusing on appearance as much as the taste of the meals they offer. It has come to the extreme where you need to start wondering if food’s looks are more important than the taste itself. We listed a few points below to help you make your own decision and we’re throwing in our two cents as well, hope you enjoy!

Visual Appeal – Why is it Important?

It’s no secret that humans are visual creatures and are attracted to colors, patterns and organized layouts. Food has been compared to an art form by many although others think this is not objective thinking. The reason is that art is meant to be appreciated for art’s own sake, so the only reason why humans enjoy visual art is to, well, enjoy it. However, food is meant satisfy hunger so we cannot enjoy food simply for how it looks, but for the taste and ability to fulfill our needs. One thing is certain: the better food looks the more people seem to enjoy it.

Effect of Visual Appeal on Taste
Catering Presentation is Everything

Taste buds and hunger are controlled by the brain, however psychology has a funny effect on our brain. If we look at a meal that is not aesthetically appealing but looks unattractive and gross then we are less likely to enjoy it. Think about children and the visual aspect: if something looks nasty they will automatically think it’s nasty. If food looks good it creates a good predecessor to the taste. When we introduce good looking food into our mouths our buds will most likely enjoy the taste even if we are not used to it.

Platter Presentation

Does Catering Presentation Add Value to Meals?

Although most people believe the catering presentation does not add value to meals the fact is that it does. Creating beautiful meals is about layout and color combination and organization. It takes a trained professional to make food truly beautiful, just like it takes a professional decorator to make rooms beautiful. Yes, some people have a natural knack for making meals look good and taste even better but the average person needs to get trained and qualified for it. This requires an investment and therefore it cost more money to hire a true professional than the average person.

Does beauty make up for taste? This is the Core of the Debate

At RX Catering we believe the catering presentation does not make up for the taste of meals. Simply put: you can’t excuse a bad meal because it looks good. Your taste buds can be influenced but never fooled. However, having visually appealing food has a positive effect because, as we mentioned before, your body will automatically associate good taste with it. The key, like everything in life really, is finding a good balance without sacrificing any of the two. Think about event catering: you want the food to look beautiful and attractive, and you want it to taste just as good.


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