6 Must Have Summer Meals

Summer is going fast, which means your chances of having certain fresh ingredients may pass before you know it. Nevertheless, you are still in time to indulge in some summer-munching, so knowing what dishes are in season is a huge plus. Summer is awesome because it means warm weather and sunlight, which are even better with fresh salads and colorful dishes. We’ve compiled a list of six summer meals you can’t miss, as the season is right and all the ingredients are at their tastiest stage.

summer mealsSummer Meals: Avocado-Bacon Fries

OK, maybe bacon is available year-round, but avocados are at their best-tasting point during summer. Maybe the stars align in a special way, causing avocado trees to work harder when producing avocados. At any rate, these delicious and tasty snacks can easily be found in restaurants, or prepared at home. All you need is an over, a few avocados, some (or loads of) bacon, and some ranch (or other dunking material).

summer mealsChicken BBQ with Sweet Chili Glaze

Chicken and chili are available year round, but BBQs are those outdoor-sey activities you can only do in summer. Grilled chicken and veggies work best when paired with his sweet, peach-based spicy glaze. An amazing mix that will make your tastebuds enjoy the summer as much as the rest of your body.


Primavera Lemon Bowties

This delicious bowl meal is the poster child for summer dishes. It’s colorful, fresh, and filling, all requirements for great summer meals. Yes, primavera actually means spring in Spanish, but aside from that, primavera lemon bowties are a great choice to truly appreciate the flavour of summer.

Sausage and Burrata Salad

Maybe calling this one a salad is a push, but no one can deny the glorious mixture of fresh greens and salty italian sausages. Not to mention creamy burrata cheese. However, the true secret of a great sausage and burrata salad lays in the green factor. Summer veggies such as red leaf lettuce and parsley, make burrata salads the delicacy it is.

summer mealsPenne Puttanesca

Speaking of pasta’s versatility, penne can be prepared in an assorted of styles and sauces. Puttanesca is a traditional italian sauce, based off of tomatoes. This recipe has a mediterranean touch to it as the ingredients call for olives, garlic and fresh tomatoes. Perfect flavor bomb for a summer brunch.

Pesto Avocado Salad

It’s incredible how many varieties of pesto pasta are available, like this pesto-avocado pasta salad. Perfect for summer as it’s refreshing and filling, not to mention packed with flavor and nutrients. The mixture of pesto and sweet corn offers that fusion cuisine restaurant in the comfort of your house.

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