6 Awesome Fall Picnic Ideas

Although summer and spring are commonly regarded as picnic season, fall offers an amazing opportunity for a picnic with your friends and loved ones. The combination of colors, smells and tastes that characterize fall create the perfect atmosphere for a day out. Not to mention winter is getting close! So, to celebrate this truly inspiring time of the year, we leave you with six awesome fall picnic ideas to enjoy with your favorite people.

rugbyBring a Football/Soccer/Rugby Ball

Football, soccer and rugby can be played in any weather: from scorching hot sun to sub-zero temperatures. Fall, however, offers mild to chilly weather, perfect for friends and family to enjoy the last bits of outdoors activities until winter. Fall is all about the outdoors- leaves are falling, days are getting shorter, and the wind drags around that unique fall chill. Bring your favorite sports ball out and play a friendly game with your friends and family to welcome this amazing season.

picnic frisbee-golfFrisbee Golf

Rugby, football and soccer are not the only outdoor sport-esque activity around. Fall is the perfect time to set up a frisbee golf course in the park. Bring out your favorite frisbees and a few empty cans, and set up your own course. You can even design one for kids, one for adults, and one for experts frisee enthusiasts to showcase their skills.

picnic gatheringInvite Friends

May be a bit obvious, but some people regard picnics as family activities. However, friends also make a good addition to the party! Call up your best friends and favorite neighbors and invite them to a nice day out. You can even make it a BYO event and have different people bring different things so you can share around and try each other’s treats.

Choose picnic parka Big Park

Most cities and towns have at least one big, lush park. Don’t settle for the closest place, instead, try to mix it up and choose a fun location with plenty of green open space. The extra drive or bus ride are definitely worth it if you have tons of space and numerous partakers.

picnic-1Bring Several Picnic Baskets

If you’re going to be rolling with 4+ people you should definitely bring a second (and even third!) picnic basket. Plan ahead so everyone can enjoy some of their favorite meals and hot/cold drinks while on the day out. Forget about convenience stores and pretend they don’t exist- that way you will really make sure you pack everything you need!

Order Your Food from a Catering Specialist

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